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Vendors 2021 EXPO there are 2 pages
from last year's expo

Amanda Cornelius – Earth Child Meditation & Metaphysical Shop

Healing Gemstones and Blessing Needs: Healing Stones cleansed with Usui Reiki by Reiki master of Earth Child, Blessing Sticks, Smudge Sticks, Healing Grids, Essential Oil Products, and Intent incense. All products sold by Earth Child are precious and high quality, made by reiki masters with intentional healing. Our products are used by many Healers and now available to take home!

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Aura Photo Readings with Psychic Atena

Find out what your aura looks like and receive a personal reading with Atena about what the colors mean to you. Atena's personal interpretation will help you understand what your aura is telling you and offer advice on shifting problem areas if any arise. Its like getting a reading, but you get to keep the card. No Appointment required, $30 per photo Cash or CC.

Caitlin Watson - Innner Peace Wellness CO LLC

Through my 13 years experience as a nurse and my own health crisis, I became awakened to the power of energy medicine and the mind body spirit connection. I offer one to one and group functional medicine coaching, drawing in functional medicaine, reiki, frequency medicine and transformative coaching, to harmonize body, mind, and soul; supportive crystal to purchase for your healing jurney, and bioenergetic scans using Solex's AO scanner. I will be sharing demos of the AO scanner and providing free harmonizing rad tones to help support the emotional body.

Crystal Visions Bookstore & Event Center (SPONSOR) Not at the event

Crystal Visions, Sponsor is a Sanctuary for the Spiritual Seeker, provides new and used books, music, crystals, jewelry, classes, and events for transformation and growth. Serving the greater Asheville, NC community since 1989, In this sacred, uplifting setting you may experience spiritual and metaphysical teachings, guidance, meditation, sharing, laughter and camaraderie

DeliVolv Catering Food Truck

Deli Volv is a mobile Bakery and Delicatessen with Mediterranean and southern American influences. We roll each of our baguettes by hand from scratch using fresh local ingredients! Our bread has a delicious fluffy and wholesome taste you won’t find anywhere but at Deli Volv. Made from fresh naturally low-glycemic 8-whole grains including locally grown and cold-stone ground flours with Chia, Flax, Oats, and with Chickpea flour makes our signature bread a complete source of protein.
I’m committed to eliminating unhealthy oils from the diet like the typical excessive omega-6 oils you find in almost everything. This is why I make all of my mayo and dressings in house and fry all of my chips with good healthy oils and fats, balanced with plenty of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and a good balance of omega-3s.

Faery Wing Knitwear

Knitted wearables: Shawls, Cowls, Hats and Scarves using a variety of fibers

Jackie Bensinger – Vibrational Healing Arts

Acupuncture, Hands on Healing, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, Professional Intuitive, Feng Shui Consultant, Qigong Teacher, Radio Show Host. Products: 1. BEMER (FDA registered Class II Medical Device for humans and horses to increase small vessel circulation and align the body with Earth's circadian rhythms) 2. Protandim (Herbal Supplement Natural Anti-Inflammatory) My acupuncture, nutritional counseling and herbal practice is located in Landrum, SC where I also use the BEMER Medical Device. In Hendersonville, NC, I do hands-on-healing, cold laser treatments on acupuncture points, nutritional counseling, herbs, BEMER Medical Device, intuitive healing readings , Feng Shui consultations and Qigong classes. At the Expo, I will offer BEMER sessions to assist folks with blood flow, mental acuity, relaxation, energy, and stress reduction at the very low cost of $5.00/session.

Jennifer Maldonado – Heavenly Treasures

Fine Wire Wrapped Jewelry: “I am a special education teacher in East Hendersonville High School. I learned to wrap from Dot Bliss, owner of Shear Bliss Jewelry of Mattany, NC. I further refined my work attending Holland School of lapidary Arts. I dig, cut and cab my stones. Gems not native to the area I hand choose and name each piece and provide their healing properties.

Joy Resor- Joy on Your Shoulders

Joy Resor inspires love, peace, and joy through her radiant, calm presence and offerings through Joy on Your Shoulders. She serves clients as their spiritual mentor, hosts Zoom circles, appears on podcasts and offers wise, delightful bools and Batik cotton wares with positive messages. Ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love Ministries, Joy delights in each moment, offering the highest degree of LOVE to all who enter her field, encouraging others as she is able.

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Kate Stockman – Kate Stockman Designs

Kate Stockman designs one-of-a kind pieces to honor nature and the Self. Her “Touchstones Anecdotal Art” jewelry (each piece tells a story; perhaps it touches your story) combines sterling silver, semi-precious stones, handmade lampwork glass beads into beautiful creations. Kate is also a bookbinder and her “Treasures Recovered” books use discarded vintage or antique covers upcycled into journals or photo albums. Her “Blessing Bags” are leather and fabric bags (for tarot, ect) which have written blessings hidden within, unseen but potent.

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