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Helpful Hints to Get the Best 
Experience at a Psychic Festival

1 - Come early, book your readings, plan your day. You can come and go, as you want, although there is so much to do you may want to stay all day. The readings are booked at the front desk and  you pay for them  at that time. You will be given a ticket for a specific reader for a specific time.

2 - Visit all of the vendor booths. Many of the vendors offer wholesale prices at the fair. Great place to buy presents for yourself and your loved ones! Always think presents, special holidays and of course "I love it! Got to have it!". If you don't understand the Healing components of an item ask for a demonstration.

3. Decide which lectures are a must - so you can schedule your sessions around the presentations. You will be given a program of the lectures when you pay at the entrance.

 How to Get the Most From Your Sessions at the Expo:

1. Give yourself permission to have several sessions. This is a great opportunity to try some new consultants and expand your experience.

2. Have your questions prepared before you come, especially if you have major changes happening in your life now. Also prioritize them to make sure what you want covered gets covered.

3. Go to several sessions and notice what  common answers are coming up for you.

4. If you want healing sessions you may want to book 2 consecutive sessions with the healer. (30 minutes instead of 15 minutes) You may book any reader or healer for up to 2 sessions per person.

How to Choose a Psychic Reader or Energy Healer:

1. There will be a program when you come in. All readers and healers will have a number and their location in the rooms will be noted along with their specialties.
2. Walk around and look at the different practitioners and see whom you feel a connection with. Another way is to use your pendulum and select the readers from the program or run your fingers over the names and then get a vibe.

3. People manning the front desk will be happy to tell you who is available at the time you would like your readings. They do not make recommendations but can guide you in your selection process.

4. Children (along with their parents) usually find palmistry and astrology helpful, since these give long-range probabilities and can highlight talents and gifts. Children also really love the aura camera photos!  

Be adventurous and open when you come to the fair!  Miracles happen when we least expect them!
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